Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Flowers

Okay, we've had our April Showers (and how!) It's now time for May flowers. Just a little photo essay of some various female stars paired with flora.

Miss Louise Brooks starts things off with a bloom half the size of her head!

What's "wong" with this picture? Everything! That's because it's of Anna May Wong.

The dazzling German legend Marlene Dietrich. Check out those pointed eyebrows!

Miss Scarlett herself, Miss Vivien Leigh, out amongst the cherry blossoms (or some such! I'm not an arborist.)

Perhaps traipsing though the same grove is Miss Bette Davis, early in her career. Who could ever guess that this rather plain face would belong to one of the most sensational actresses to ever appear on the silver screen?

Here's a rare color shot of Miss Ingrid Bergman. Those pretty blue eyes were mostly seen in black and white during the height of her career in Hollywood.

It's the same story with Dorothy Lamour (not in a sarong, for once!) Her movies were frequently black and white, which didn't allow her vividly colored island garb to show off to its fullest extent.

It's tough to beat the bone structure and the vibrant features of Miss Joan Crawford.

Greer Garson has a bunch (of flowers) for you. (From Mrs. Miniver's English garden or are they Blossoms in the Dust?)

Miss Olivia de Havilland (in a blouse I must say I do not care for) has also been gathering. Somehow she wound up in Crawford's FM shoes, too!

Whatever could have made pin-up icon Bettie Page put flowers there?

Hedy Lamarr certainly had a face that could compare favorably to the sight of most any bloom.

Miss Ann Sothern has another of those big blossoms half the size of her head. No wonder she's reclining!

Jean Peters wisely chose to dress up this rather ordinary frock with some foliage.

This is a great shot of Grace Kelly, another lady whose face draws one's attention away from the flowers, even when they are strikingly aranged in their own right.

It takes a svelte gal to be able to hide behind a stalk of blossoms like this, but the slender Audrey Hepburn is more than up to the task!

This is quite possibly my least favorite photo of Miss Eleanor Parker, but I had to post it today. Could there be an uglier hat on the face of the planet? And what an artless pose.

Marilyn Monroe keeps it simple. I do believe that's hubby Arthur Miller in the background, hunkered over with his pipe in his mouth.

Diahann Carroll, in her Nurse Julia phase, chooses a similarly understated approach.

A single stem is about the only thing understated about Dallas' Charlene Tilton. Perhaps she was taking part in a Circus of the Stars event.

This has recently become my favorite shot of Miss Joan Collins. I found it AFTER the post I did on piled-high hair or it would surely have been featured there. Now I can share it with you in this post. May you all have a fun and fragrant month of May!


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