Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun Finds: Simplicity Sewing Book 1975

Today we do something outside the norm. I almost nevercreate a post here that doesn't somehow include a celebrity of some sort. Still, I occasionally receive visitors to The Underworld who are either fashionistas, fans of the '70s or just plain fans of the tacky. So, when on a recent one of my infamous jaunts, I came upon a 1975 book of Simplicity fashions and sewing tips, complete with a pair of color sections depicting all the "hot" looks that could be created within, I just had to pick it up (for 50 cents!) and had to share it here.

There's nothing REALLY outre here, it's mostly all very safe, but you may find the outfits (and hairstyles, accessories, etc...) amusing nevertheless, mush like an old Sears or JC Penney catalog. Among the things I found funny were the following: The cover model's hat decoration, the fact that the section on skirts emphasizes that they can be any length, but then proceeds to show every one at nearly the same length, the fact that you can sew your own swimsuit (!), the ghastly patchwork, his & her shirts, the t-shirt with (seemingly) The Munsters' family vehicle on it, the section on "Partying at Home" featuring an apparently see-thru lace top (what? Was it for "Key Parties?!") and the fact that the final pic has ostrich feathers that snap on and off! This is vital if your stranded on top of The Glass Tower (from The Towering Inferno) and have to be rescued by the wildly windy breecher's buoy!

And now, let the fashion show begin!


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