Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is a date I know I'll never see again in my lifetime.  12/12/12!  To mark the occasion, I'm going to offer up 12 of my favorite hunks from The Underworld, dressed in as little as I can manage.  I'm even going to have this post released at 12:12pm EST on 12/12/12!  I hope I don't explode something.  Don't forget to right-click and open your favorites in a new tab or window to get the full sized splendor!  In no strict order, let's count 'em down!  (Everyone except #8 has his own little tribute here which can be reached by clicking his name.)

12Errol Flynn
10Jeffrey Hunter
9Buster Crabbe (and more!)
8.  Paul Newman
7Franco Nero
6Robert Conrad
5Lex Barker
4Guy Madison (and some more!)
3Van Williams
2Hugh O'Brian
1Clint Walker (and more of the top three!)
And I couldn't help but toss in this last shot of two of our gents having some fun at the gym.
If you've got any sense, you'll turn this pattern below into wrapping paper for your closest freinds' holiday gifts!  ha!  I'll be back soon with more musings and mutterings.


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