Monday, July 9, 2012

Ernest Borgnine 1917 - 2012

Goodbye, beloved Ernie! Passed away at ninety-five and still sharp as a tack right up to the end. 
Making the best of what God gave him, which was, on the surface, as ordinary and conventional as could be, but in Hollywood, practically an anathema to what was required (at least from a leading man!)
An intimidating tough guy in From Here to Eternity (1953.)
Marty (1955), of course, was the jewel in his crown...
...which led to the Oscar on his mantel.
Then, after years of colorful character parts, many times in drama...
...he made the world laugh in McHale's Navy (1962 - 1966.)
Nothing was too absurd.
His career pitted him with many of the industry's top names (with Rock Hudson in Ice Station Zebra in 1968.)
Some of them before they were even anyone yet (this is future fellow Oscar-winner Kim Basinger with him in 1978's The Ghost of Flight 401.)
And there were many low points in his sixty-year film career, too, like 1975's The Devil's Rain (in which he still gave his all!)
Back on TV with Airwolf (1984 - 1986) with Jan-Michael Vincent.
Married five times (to Ethel Merman for an infamous six weeks!)
It was to Tova in 1973 that really stuck (he left her a widow the other day after close to forty years of marriage.)
Of course, in The Underworld he is hailed for his work in The Poseidon Adventure (1972.)
Bombastic to be sure, but not without humor and pathos when necessary.
We adored you Ernie and salute your unbelievable body of work, only a smidge of which is touched upon here!


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