Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reeling in Some Marlon

The other day (believe it or not for the FIRST TIME), I watched the film On the Waterfront. While I easily recognized its sterling qualities (and was impressed by the acting from the terrific cast), it must be said that it isn’t really my type of movie. I tend to go for flicks with more eyelashes, hairpieces, chiffon and “Furs by Alixandre,” etc… It did sort of reignite my interest in Marlon Brando, though, so I went fishing and came upon a variety of photos with him shirtless, handsome, showing off some great legs or otherwise interesting to the eye. Too many of today’s moviegoers only know the obese, strange, at times controversial Brando and may not be aware of just how hunky he was in his prime. So I’ve cast out my net and pulled in some Marlon, from early – near exploitation level – photos taken in a dingy, cluttered New York apartment to his days of training for his film debut in The Men (in which he played a paraplegic) to his turn as Marc Anthony in Julius Caesar to his role as an Aryan in The Young Lions and beyond. Many other books and websites can delve into Brando’s acting talent and legacy. Here, we only deal with the most important topics, such as examining what he looked like as a young man and celebrating his famous face and his once-impressive physique! We’ll call this a photo essay and not say anything else. If you see anything you like, feel free to mount it. If not, you can throw it back. And, no, I’m not including that photo. I like my site to still be accessible to The Concord Ladies Coffee Club, The Sisterhood of the Truro Synagogue and The Friday Evening Baptist Sewing Circle. (Brownie points if you know what that’s from!) As always, click to enlarge!


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